of good water instantly

Plug&Play Water Filter


Enjoy quality water, clean, fresh, excellent looking and pleasant flavor, optimal for your whole family, moisturize, cook. Rediscover the best version of your coffee every morning, with good water.


1,2,3 READY!


It has never been so comfy and cheap to have good water instantly.


Excellent filtration capacity by biomaterials

The Dropson filter can is equipped with an extremely efficient micrometric membrane. It is composed of biomaterials: origin vegetable microfibers, micronized activated carbon and natural bacteriostatic elements without chemicals.







Activated carbon prefiltration

It reduces the bad taste and odor, the sediments and the water coloring.



Protection against micrometric organic particles.



Against chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.


Bacteriostatic effect

Ensures perfect hygiene inside the system.


Filtration capacity

Estimated capacity of 300L, using drinking water according to the WHO criteria.





Tap water is the most 

controlled and monitorated food.

Tap water is safe and comply the criteria of the WHO (World Health Organization).


Tap water is subject to exhaustive laboratory controls composed of highly trained multidisciplinary experts

It has a permanent quality control and online monitoring.

It provides calcium for the bones, magnesium for the cardiac activity and other necessary elements for the bone mineralization and hydration.



Why filter the water?

Dropson Plug&Play filter, more than tap water.


Turns tap water into a drinking

water with excellent taste quality.


It offers an additional barrier protection

for extra safe water.


Respects the mineralization of the water needed

for a proper hydration.


Guarantees perfect hygiene inside the system,

due to bacteriostatic effect.



Test Report
CE no 1935/2004
Sept 2017


Tested CE nº 1935/2004 by SGS, world leader in inspection, tests and certification services. The components of the Dropson filter comply with european food standards and requirements.




100% natural technology.

Filtration with biological origin materials.


100% natural filter medium, composed of:

vegetable microfiber, micronized activate

carbon and antibacterial agents from

organic origin without chemicals.


A great filter with a very

competitive cost.


Three years of investigation and development to achieve it.


The Dropson Plug&Play filter is economic thanks to its innovative patented concept in disposable can format. It does not need mechanical pieces like stopcock, cartridge holder, supports etc.


It's a filter and cartridge at the same time, designed to offer 300L of excellent quality water.


The production cost is mainly concentrated on the powerful technology of the filter medium
using biological materials of very high quality.








Entirely manufactured by Dropson in Spain under strict quality controls and tested by SGS 

according to the european food standarts CE Nº 1935/2004.


A sea hero hides in

each can


With each can you collaborate with Ambiente Europeo and Mar Sana to reduce the

negative impact of plastics on the environment and the marine ecosystem.